Wonders of the natural & biodynamic world

Natural wine is the unfiltered, un-photoshopped version of the wine we know and love. Whereas biodynamic wine takes things a step further still. Biodynamic is wine made with a set of farming practices that views the farm or vineyard as one solid organism – almost like a spiritual, ethical ecological approach to agriculture. Biodynamic wineries are aiming to create a self-sustaining system, which is pretty cool.

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Three absolutely winning natural & biodynamic wines that we just can’t get enough of…

Skerk Ograde, 2019 

Grape – Vitovska, Malvasia, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio

Colour – Orange

Region – Friuli, Italy

Body – Full

Three big flavours – Almond, toast, red pepper (plus cream, mandarin and redcurrant)

Pair up with – This incredible natural wine from one of Friuli’s top producers is so versatile, it can stand up to just about anything. From fresh seafood or a spicy Gaeng Daeng to a perfectly grilled sirloin. It has a savoury kick which makes this great to drink and enjoy on its own as well as with food.

Gabrio Bini Serragghia Fanino, 2019 

Grape – Catarratto & Pignatello 

Colour – Orange

Region – Pantelleria, Italy

Body – Medium

Three big flavours – Blood orange, thyme, honey (and dried cherry for a cheeky 4th)

Pair up with – This is a bold and refreshing natural wine from the volcanic island of Pantelleria. It can easily stand up to the big flavours of barbecued and roasted red and white meats, rich pasta dishes or lighter meals like a tuna Niçoise. It’s a good, clean all-rounder and we love it. 

Cullen Kevin John Chardonnay, 2014 

Grape – Chardonnay

Colour – White

Region – Margaret River, Australia

Body – Medium

Three big flavours – Fig, dried pear, honeysuckle

Pair up with – Another stunning, iconic wine, this time a biodynamic number from Margaret River. This is a full-flavoured, distinct wine and needs big flavours to match it. Try this with a delicious chicken carbonara, garlicky pork chops or, if it’s the weekend (or a weekday – we’re not here to judge), why not have this with eggs Benedict before you go for a walk around the park (or to the pub).

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