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Have you ever been in a restaurant, scouring the wine list with absolutely no clue what to order? (Somm secret – the second wine on the list is nearly always the worst value!)  

If you just can’t, for love nor money, decide where to start your Pair Up Wines journey, we got you. Both Barda and Broc Cellars have a cult following within the wine community and Raventós Blanc de Blanc? Well yeah, this one is gaining a lot of respect with the sommeliers, too. So you really can’t go wrong with this dreamy selection.  

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Raventós i Blanc Blanc de Blancs, 2017

Why it’s a must try – Raventós I Blanc is owned by one of Spain’s most historic winemaking families with a viticultural tradition that dates back to 1497. They’ve been at the forefront of Cava production since Josep Raventós Fatjó produced Spain’s first traditional method of sparkling wine in 1872.

GrapeXarel-lo, Macabeo & Parellada

Colour – White

RegionPenedès, Spain

Body – Medium

Three big flavours – Peach, jasmine, brioche

Pair up with – Well, obviously aperitif, aperitif, aperitif sweetie but, if you absolutely have to eat as well, go for grilled fish, indulgent creamy risotto or a delicate, soft goat’s cheese salad.

Bodega Chacra Barda Pinot Noir, 2019

Why it’s a must try – Respecting the environment by following biodynamic and organic principles, Bodega Chacra strives to make wines that are transparent, pure, delicate and floral with a strong minerality. Which is why we’ve added it to our list of must tries.

Grape – Pinot Noir

Colour – Red

Region – Patagonia

Body – Light

Three big flavours – Earthy, raspberry, bramble

Pair up with – This is a light, almost savoury bottle of wine. It’s perfect for a fresh, herby salad while sat in the late afternoon sunshine (c’maaan spring), a juicy barbecued salmon fillet or maybe a perfectly cooked Argentinian steak.

Broc Cellars ‘Got Grapes’ Valdiguie, 2017

Why it’s a must try – At Broc Cellars, in Berkeley, California, all the wines are made using spontaneous fermentation – a process that means they only use native yeasts and bacteria that exist on the grapes. Sexy. The grapes are grown without using synthetic pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or fertilisers. Which actually is pretty sexy.

Grape – Valdiguie

Colour – Red

Region – California, USA

Body – Light

Three big flavours – Cherry, cranberry, tangerine

Pair up with – An unusual and interesting red from the urban winery, Broc Cellars. This light red pairs brilliantly with healthy grilled meats, meaty monkfish in a tomato, pancetta and clam sauce (specific) or why not try it on its own while you Netflix and chill?

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