Food-pairing paradise

For our food-pairing box, we’ve curated three sought-after wines from some prestigious producers and acclaimed wine makers that each pair incredibly with food. Making this box a dream for dinner parties, weekend feasting, celebrations, you name it. Designed to be sipped slowly and shared, we’re utterly in love with this combo quite honestly.

Scroll down to see what’s in the box.


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In your ‘Food-Pairing Paradise’ wine box

Le Macchiole Bolgheri Rosso, 2018

Why we love it – Le Macchiole is one of the most historic wineries in Bolgheri and, over the years, it’s become a reference point for quality Tuscan wine. Founders Eugenio Campolmi and Cinzia Merli were among the region’s pioneers. They contributed significantly to Bolgheri’s growing fame thanks to their work in creating wines full of character and personality that have become a symbol of the region. Filipe is lucky to have visited here a couple of times and the rest of us are super jealous. 

Grape – Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon & Syrah 

Colour – Red

Region – Tuscany, Italy

Body – Medium

Three big flavours – Cherry, blackcurrant, plum

Pair up with – Go classic Italian with tomatoey pastas and grilled red meats or cook up baked aubergine or herby rosemary lamb.

Henschke `Julius` Eden Valley Riesling, 2019 

Why we love it – The Henschke family have been making wine at their estate in the Eden Valley since 1868. Fifth-generation winemaker Stephen Henschke took over running the winery in 1979. Together with his viticulturist wife Prue, they’ve taken their two single vineyards, Hill of Grace and Mount Edelstone, and transformed them into two of Australia’s most sought-after wines. Pretty badass!

Grape – Riesling

Colour – White

Region – Eden Valley, Australia

Body – Light/Medium

Three big flavours – Lime juice, lime leaf, lime blossom (basically lime)

Pair up with – With a bone-dry Riesling like this. a really delicious and healthy food-pairing is fresh seafood, particularly sweeter options such as crab meat and prawns. Or, if in doubt, Riesling is a classic accompaniment to spicy Asian food, especially Thai. Hello Pad Thai!

Cruse Wine Co. North Coast Monkey Jacket, 2017 

Why we love it – Monkey Jacket is a full-flavoured Rhone-style red  – one of California’s most acclaimed winemakers. Cruse makes his wines in an unashamedly old-fashioned style, designing them to be enjoyed with simple, wholesome food.

Grape – Alicante, Cinsault, Grenache, Monduese, Zinfandel, Syrah, Tannat, St. Laurent & Carignan

Colour – Red

Region – California, USA

Body – Full

Three big flavours – Strawberry, red cherry, blackcurrant

Pair up with – Drink this crazy blend at your own leisure, or why not try it with cheese on toast, mushroom stroganoff or a simple but divine ribeye and chips (don’t forget the rocket salad).

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