Don't judge a wine by (just) it's label

But aren’t they beautiful labels? Yes, yes they are. But there’s way more going on in these three wines we’ve curated than just lovely-to-look-at labels. Let us tell you. A glorious mix of new and old-world classic wine-making styles, all three of these wines will go down easy. Plus, we’re a little in awe of all three producers here – read more about why below.

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Fleurie Clos de La Roilette, 2019

Why we love it Wines from Beaujolais can be the most joyful, compelling wines. Yet, in the hands of masterful growers and makers, it can also be a wonderfully elegant, long-lived wine that gives neighbouring Burgundy a run for its money. Enter Clos de la Roilette, considered to be one of the finest producers in Beaujolais. Not just a pretty label, 

Grape – Gamay

Colour – Red

Region – Beaujolais, France

Body – Medium

Three big flavours – Red cherries, violet, blackcurrant

Pair up with – This crisp but rich and satisfying Gamay is a joy to behold, either on its own on with roast chicken or sausage and mash on a chilly evening. You really can’t go wrong!

Tinpot Hut Pinot Gris, 2018 

Why we love it – Did you know that Pinot Gris grapes aren’t actually white like many other white grape types? The skin colour is actually more of a greyish-pink colour. A super fresh wine, it’s got plenty of crunchy, ripe pear and white peach flavours with a touch of spicy nutmeg. The characteristics that are synonymous with Pinot Gris from the Blind River sub-region of Marlborough.

Grape – Pinot Gris

Colour – White

Region – Marlborough, New Zealand 

Body – Medium

Three big flavours – Toast, peach, pear

Pair up with – Fresh and rounded, this delicious Pinot Gris has enough about it to stand up to chicken casserole, oven-baked fish and a whole host of dishes in-between. You could have it with a healthy stir fry, moules frites or even a jacket potato. We ain’t here to judge!

S.C. Pannell Basso Garnacha, 2018       

Why we love it – Stephen Pannell is one of the best and brightest of the new generation Australian winemakers. He spent a decade working as chief red winemaker at Hardy’s before striking out on his own in 2004. Steve has worked all over the world, including with Aldo Vajra in Barolo and for Domaine Dujac and Pousse d’Or. His experience has helped shape his approach to winemaking, and his wines are true expressions of the grapes and vineyards of McLaren Vale. In October 2015, Steve was named Winemaker of the Year by the consumer wine magazine, Gourmet Traveller Wine. Was that too fan-girly? And just look at that label 😏

Grape – Garnacha

Colour – Red

Region – McLaren Vale, South Australia

Body – Medium

Three big flavours – Red berries, rose, cooking spice

Pair up with – Did someone say Sunday Funday? Drink this bad boy with rare roast beef or lamb, game pie or hearty stew and dumplings. Packed full of juicy fruits and tannins, this needs big flavours to stand up to it. Or, chill out and indulge yourself. This is an oddly satisfying pairing to a huuuuge bar of chocolate, on your own, obvs.

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