Personalised wine subscriptions tailored to your taste buds, hand picked by sommeliers

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Personalised wine subscriptions tailored to your taste buds, hand picked by sommeliers

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The Pair Up Wines story so far

In mid-2020, mid-pandemic (🥳) two sommeliers, a wordsmith and a graphic designer walked into a bar. Except the bar was Zoom and the wine had to be poured yourself. 

We’re Filipe, Steph, Amanda and Heather and, over said Zoom drinks, we hatched a mad plan to make buying and drinking wine a fun, personalised experience.

Having worked together in hospitality for many years, we’ve shared a bottle of wine or two over dinner or on wine-tasting trips around Europe (what happens in Porto stays in Porto) and that’s without even mentioning the countless wine menus we’ve written and designed together. Read about our credentials, over here.

Filipe and Amanda are the noses behind the Pair Up operation and the only ones with the ability to sniff out a blueberry (is that a thing?) in a glass of red. Steph and Heather, although we like to think we can tell a Merlot from a Malbec, the thing we’re really good at is complementing Filipe and Amanda’s genius with our years of creative know how.

Pair Up illustrated team portrait

But why?

The way we buy wine in the UK is old hat and actually just boring. We let what’s on the shelves dictate our decision making, rather than picking bottles based on our tastes. Unless you’ve got loads of time to research – which lets face it, is no one – how do you know what’s a good vintage, a good producer or what’s worth spending over a tenner on? 

At Pair Up, we want to take a new gang of wine lovers on a journey of discovery – to explore and enjoy wine that’s tailored to you, from the comfort of your own homes. We’ll tell you why we think you’ll love it, what to drink it with and what we think you should try next, in a totally jargon-free way. You don’t have to be a w*nker to know what you’re talking about when it comes to wine.

Read more about our ethos on our blog, here.

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